About Me

Ritch Miller
This was me signing and numbering the 4,000th Wisconsin 2010 Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Print

As a lifelong resident of Wisconsin, I find inspiration in the state’s endless natural resources and beauty, feeding my desire to capture the wildlife and habitat in my paintings.

I have been observing and sketching wildlife my entire life. While the mediums may vary – ebony pencil, pastel chalks or acrylic paint – my attention to detail, anatomical accuracy, and ability to capture the subject’s emotion has made my artwork valued among collectors across the country.

I have donated original and fine art reproductions of my artwork to national conservation organizations including the National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Whitetails Unlimited, Pheasants Forever and many local conservation organizations that have raised thousands of dollars to enhance wildlife habitat and protect our natural resources. Back in 1992, I met Eugene Upward and was asked to paint a turkey on a turkey call. Since then the Gene and I have teamed up on over 300 turkey calls that have been donated to fund raising events and purchased by collectors across the country.

In 1997, from the encouragement of Eugene and friend, Tom Muench, I submitted my first piece to the Wisconsin Wild Turkey Stamp competition and placed in the top ten. After the fifth entry and placing in the top 5 the previous years, I finally achieved my goal and won the 2002 Wisconsin Wild Turkey Stamp Competition. I have also entered artwork in the Wisconsin Waterfowl Competitions and has placed in the top 5 several times but a first place has eluded me, but is at the top of my goals in the coming years.

In 2009 I was commissioned by the Wisconsin Ducks Unlimited State Board to paint a pair of Wood Ducks that would be the 2010 Wisconsin Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Print. The piece will be printed and go out to nearly 4,000 Wisconsin DU sponsors.